Bill Nye Is BACK To Save The World (And Possibly My Sanity)


I prayed for logic and reason, and we elected Trump. BUT THERE IS REDEMPTION! Oh thank you, Universe, for answered prayers. 

Bill Nye is the best thing to happen to us and the world this — dare I say — YEAR?

Check out this teaser:

April 21st, Bill is back, on Netflix, Bill Nye Saves The World, bringing some science and logic into this increasingly illogical planet we inhabit. 

CAN IT PLEASE BE APRIL ALREADY? (Can it please be 2021 already? Scratch that, I'm fuckin' scared of what 2021 will look like.)

Science bless you, Bill.

I mean, can you even?

I don't have much to say here. I'm just going to keep posting videos of my favorite old skool science dude kicking science ass. 

My big kids grew up with Bill of the 90s. My little kids are growing up with old (well, young) Bill, too. And now we can ALL enjoy the Bill of 2017. Sassy. Science-y. Super fantastic. Sexy? Yeah. I said it. 

(Don't worry, Neil. You're still my cosmic boo. <3)

Oh HEY. Is it getting HOT in here? I'm not talking about climate change, either. Ya FEEL? *wink wink* *nudge nudge*


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