Watch: You Won't Believe What this Guy Does With his Nose!

Once upon a time, a mother said to her son, "my darling, you can be anything you want to be. The world is yours. Now, my dearest pride and joy, do tell me what you wish to do with your life."

The young boy pondered. Finally, he answered.

"Mother," he said, "I will be a nose typist."

At least, that's how we imagine it went down. Apparently, the Guinness World Records totally has a "Fastest Time to Type Using the Nose" award. The new record holder is 23-year-old Mohammed Khurshid Hussain from India, and WOW this man is FAST! His new record is 47.44 seconds—which totally tromps the former 1 minute 33 seconds record. At the moment, our hero is awaiting his official certification (apparently, this can take months).

In the meantime, check out Mohammed in action below and see how you measure up!

Image: maybe the piercings would help. Courtesy of Wikipedia


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