8 Super Simple (And Cheap) Halloween Costumes For The Pinterest Inept

Easy Bubble Bath Costume (image: Mariah Aro Sharp @mightymooseart)

Easy Bubble Bath Costume (image: Mariah Aro Sharp @mightymooseart)

So Halloween is a week away, and the only costumes Target has left are adult-size Elmo and Pikachu. It’s cool. I got you girl (or guy). A round-up of some of my all-time favorite cheap Halloween costumes that you can make in less than an hour with stuff you have either in your house or that you can pick up at Michaels or Walmart. My kids have worn most of these because guess what? Pinterest didn’t exist.

Basic supplies you might need:

  • Hot glue gun/glue

  • Ointment for the burns you are going to get from the hot glue

  • Scissors

  • Safety scissors for your child who is going to steal your scissors

  • Darning needle and thread (or yarn)
  • Twix bars (for snacks)

1. Mac and Cheese

This baby gets first billing because it really is the very best costume idea ever.

easy Mac and Cheese costume

You need:

  • Yellow sweatsuit (or white sweatsuit you can dye yellow)

  • 2 styrofoam wreaths (cut into fours)

  • Yellow paint (spray paint is best)

  • Hot glue

Paint that styrofoam. Hot glue to sweatsuit. Win best parent award. Done.

Easy DIY Mac-N-Cheese Costume

2. Smartie Pants

The pun costume. Particularly good for kids who think they know more than everyone else all the time.

easy (and edible) Smartie Pants costume

You need:

  • Pants (I’d go with jeans)

  • Bag of Smarties candy

  • Hot glue

Hot glue Smarties to pants. Costume + snack.

Easy DIY Smartie Pants Costume

3. Mummy

This is the “I Have No Idea And No Money And It’s 5 pm October 31st” costume.

5 minute Mummy costume

You need:

  • Roll of toilet paper

Wrap your kid in a roll of TP. It will rip. That’s okay; mummies are really old. Tattered is expected.

You can also do this with a white sheet by just ripping it into 6” strips.

Easy DIY Mommy Costume

3. Bubble bath

This is probably the most complex of the costumes here. Guaranteed costume contest winner, or your money back.

prize winning Bubble Bath costume

You need:

  • A plastic tub with handles

  • Some rope

  • Balloons (I think pink)

  • Shower cap

  • Rubber ducky (if you want to be extra)

Cut a hole in the bottom of the tub (but only as big as your kid’s legs otherwise the balloons are going to fall out). Use rope to elongate the handles into straps. Fill with balloons. Add show cap and duck.

Easy DIY Bubble Bath Costume

4. Spaghetti (and meatballs)

For you pasta lovers in the crowd. 

Spaghetti and Meatballs costume, because why not?!

You need:

  • Old cotton mop head

  • Collander

  • Styrofoam balls (and brown paint)

  • OR

  • Brown yarn

  • Red sweatpants

  • Hot glue

Mop on the head. Colander on top of the mop. Styrofoam balls (or yarn pom-poms) glued to the top.

Easy DIY Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume

5. Black Widow

This one is good for the kids who want to be spooky but can’t wear a mask to school (or are scared of anything that is actually spooky).

super fast Black Widow costume

You need:

  • Black sweats

  • 6 black socks

  • Piece of red fabric or felt

  • Needle/yarn

Stuff the socks (if you don’t have stuffing you can use paper towels, toilet paper, or other socks!). Sew three to each side of the sweatshirt under the arms. Hot glue red felt/fabric to the top. (Cut it like a black widow thing. Duh.)

Easy DIY Black Widow Costume

6. Lego

For you Lego Lovers in the crowd. 

Easy Lego costume

You need:

  • Cardboard box

  • Plastic solo cups (leftover beer-pong cups are ideal)

  • Paint

  • Hot glue

Paint the box and cups to match (cut out a step by painting the box red). Cut holes for head and arms. Hot glue the cups to the box.

Easy DIY Lego Costume

7. Picnic table

easy Picnic Table costume

You need:

  • Box

  • Plastic tablecloth (red and white checked if you want to be classic)

  • Disposable salt/pepper shakers

  • KFC chicken bucket (they’ll give you one)

  • Hot glue

Glue the tablecloth to the box. Cut head and arm holes. Glue the salt and pepper. Chicken bucket on the head. Add plastic cups and plates (also glued) if you want to be extra fancy.

Easy DIY Picnic Table Costume

Halloween just got easier. Suck it, Pinterest.



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