Say Hello to the Bright New Dawn of the Orgasm Machine

On behalf of science and clitoris-ly challenged lovers, we are proud to present...drum roll please

The Orgasm Machine! (And no, it's not a vibrator.)

This handy-dandy lil' device is around the size of a deck of cards and is implanted into your spine.

Wait, what?! You just got all Matrix on our ass.

Yup, this baby seems seriously sci-fi. Basically, the surgeon keeps the woman conscious during the procedure (so that she/he can find the patient's proper nerve endings) and inserts electrodes into her spinal cord. It is then connected to a signal generator, which is placed under your booty. Once this scary sounding operation is done, orgasms can be controlled from a hand-held remote.

Needless to say, this is an invasive surgery. And it's not for everyone. Surgeon T. Stuart Meloy came up with the idea (on accident, actually) to help women with severe sexual dysfunction.

Dr. Meloy is the co-founder of the Advanced Interventional Pain Management in Winston-Salem, North Carolina whose goal is to improve quality of life in patients suffering from chronic pain. There are countless reasons a woman can't reach the big O, but it's complicated because there may be physical and psychological issues interfering, both of which cause shame and embarrassment for many women. 

Trials still have yet to be conducted, but hey — this is pretty big! Think of all those poor lasses whose orgasms remain elusive for a bevy of heartbreakin' reasons. Well done doctors. We knew you had it in you.

Image: We think Dr. Meloy totally deserves these yummy looking cupcakes. Courtesy of Flickr

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