Shocker: Edgy New Modeling Agency Isn't Edgy At All

A new London modeling agency is garnering buzz for defying conventional beauty norms: its name? The Anti-Agency.

The models it represents rock crazy hair, tattoos, piercings and other features not typically found parading down a runway. But if you look through the site, you quickly realize that sadly, this agency isn't very anti at all.

Most of the models are young and conventionally pretty: high cheekbones, beautiful skin and, of course, very skinny. Many are blonde. There's some diversity, but not as much as you might expect. Nearly all of the edginess is generated from something superficially "different": rainbow-ed hair, nose ring, tattoo! But remove those distinctions, and you end up with conventionally beautiful people who look like any other model out there.

It's like that 90's movie She's All That with the "brutal nerd" whose beauty nobody can see because she wears um, black glasses and paint-splattered overalls? 

Anyway. While less "edgy," I actually prefer Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign, because it shows, well, real women: racially diverse, not necessarily a size 2, and of many ages; they all radiate beauty in a very natural, "inner happiness" kind of way.

The Anti-Model campaign is a step in the right direction, and that's to be commended. But it's hardly groundbreaking in how it scouts out or presents beauty. Isn't it time we saw some real anti-models?
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