Are You Turned on By Your Guy's Big . . . Brain? You're Probably a Sapiosexual

We are pleased to announce that we have just stumbled upon the greatest word ever: "sapiosexual." Definition: a person who "finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature."

Hell yeah, smart is sexy! But sadly, it's almost impossible for us sapiosexuals to find tittilation in the media, where intellectualism isn't exactly considered an asset.

Here to appease us is a clothing company called Betabrand. Based out of San Francisco (Bay Area represent!), it is promoting its spring collection with female PhD models, including info on their bad-ass education. And unlike the faux-edgy Anti-Agency campaign, these models are diverse and not necessarily conventionally striking (though let's be real: they're all very pretty). Mostly, though, their appeal comes from being smokin'-hot smart.

The question remains: Is this just a cool marketing stunt to make feminists happy? Or is it a shrewd move to tap into the desirability of female intelligence? We think the latter, because the fact is, smarts are indeed a turn-on for many.

Much was made a couple years ago when a study out of the University of Texas-Austin purportedly revealed that men find dumb women sexy. Turns out, though, that this clickable headline belied a less shocking truth. The study essentially found that guys think stupid women are easier to have sex with, which—while also annoying—is different than thinking they're more physically attractive. 

Other research has actually revealed a direct correlation between female smarts and appeal. A 2012 survey of 12,000 men in more than 40 countries found that guys dig intelligence more than the two classic barometers of female desirability: a curvy figure and cooking skills. In her book Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women, Dr. Christine B. Whelan cited a similar study published in the Journal of Sociology that revealed men were attracted to powerful, high-status ladies.

Obviously, not every guy or gal is going to get turned on by a woman who knows her Tolstoy, just as not everyone will find a smart man sexy. But it's clear that there are plenty of us sapiosexuals out there—and we've been clamoring for titillation for way too long.

So enjoy, brainy pervs!


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