Hear This: The Flaming Lips Jump on Miley's Crazy Train

I think we can all safely call The Flaming Lips frontman—Wayne Michael Coyne—both a musical genius and an unconditional artist. Being at a Flaming Lips show is what I imagine being inside a psychedelic snow globe is like. Between the giant plastic bubbles, hundreds of balloons and confetti flying everywhere the tripped-out theatrics are out of this world. 

Enter Miley Cyrus. She has been on this no-holds-barred, totally unabashed, nipple-laden, I'm-an-artist-hear-me-roar kick and the world is freaking loving her for it. Miley rides hotdogs and dances with corn—she doesn't care about anything but being true to herself. (Whatever that means.)

Basically, Coyne and Miley are a match made in oddball stoner heaven. Together they make a dynamic duo of strange nail art, wild hair and eccentric style that just. can't. quit. Can we unabashedly add "amazing music" to their glittered, twisted roster?

The artists have reportedly been hanging out (and getting "high as f**ck") together in the studio collaborating on Flaming Lips' new cover album of everyone's favorite, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. He tweeted this on Saturday:

The Flaming Lips have also been guests during Miley's shows to sing their infamous song, "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1" and even though they are (supposedly) drunk in the video and most definitely high, they sound pretty awesome together. While we're sort of like, "ugh," but we're also sort of into it. It's a conflicted swoon you guys. (And sh*t, they'd be fools not to be riding Miley's gravy train.) 

We say hurray for the weird, it makes the world go round.


Image: Screenshot

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