Dating and Booze: What You Need to Know

Sorry ladies, there is indeed another way to ruin your shot at love with that hottie you met on public transportation.

Alcohol, our favorite culprit, plays a bigger role in a first date than you realize. Thanks to dating site Plenty of Fish, we learned a few things about liquid courage and love.

Let's start with your order. When men are on a date, they're checking to see what type of drink you request. The majority (at 26.6%) dig a date who orders red wine. Women, on the other hand, ultimately prefer a partner who gets a pint of craft beer—23.3% voted fancy beer the most attractive drink option.

Too nervous to drink? You're the only one. Just kidding; 9.2% of daters who drink regularly abstain from alcohol on a first date and a whopping 36.4% drink before the date! Those suffering from anxiety say that this is a normal way to calm the pre-date jitters, but it could lead to an unhealthy dependence on the sauce.

Also, getting drunk on a date is a major turn-off for most. Despite that, 16.8% of women fess up to getting hammered on first dates.

What does all this mean? Don't be afraid to let your date get to know the sober you. Theoretically, that's the person s/he'll be spending the most time with. 

Image: Just one glass. Alright, two. Courtesy of AI404, Flickr


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