Iowa State Coach Apologizes to Teen Daughter for Horrifying Locker Room "Dad Dance"

As a teen, there are few things more horrifying that watching your dad ball up his fists, prepare the overbite, then stiltedly shuffle back and forth—aka, do the classic "dad dance." The poor daughter of Iowa State basketball coach Fred Hoiberg had to endure this agony on a national scale when her dad's super-awkward post-victory March Madness dance became a viral sensation.

Well, we've now learned that good ol' pops has apologized to his daughter, who just shared a text in which he said "I just danced in the locker room...I'm guessing I probably embarrassed you...sorry!"

That's sweet, dad, but it doesn't mean you haven't ruined her social life forever and now she wants to DIE!

As for the dance, it really is worth re-watching. Sorry teen daughter, but we just can't get enough—especially of this swag remix.

Image: YouTube


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