Fearless Anchor Rips Co-Host for Disgraceful Malaysia Airlines Coverage

Here's something you sadly don't see every day on cable news: a reporter standing up for, like, real fact-based journalism and stuff. In the fiery video below, Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski rips into her co-host Joe Scarborough for floating unfounded theories about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, because it's "capitalizing on a non-story for the sake of ratings." Also: "Can we go to news school, please?"

Sing it, Mika!

Honestly, her exasperated face in the beginning alone is worth the watch, as it so brilliantly captures the angst of so many journalists who have watched their fine profession dragged through the mud of the shameless ratings race. Now Scarborough, please stop being a condescending jerk and accept that your co-host is speaking a truth you desperately need to hear.


Image: YouTube

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