Escaping from a Bad Date—Do you Need an App for That?

Ever faked an emergency to get out of a bad date? Those days may be over. 

A new app, cutely called Tickle, will create an out for you if things go south in date-land. The formula is simple: if you need an excuse to bail, make a tickling motion on your phone and Tickle will be alerted that you need to be saved. The "emergency" call will come, you will express distress over the imaginary incident and you're free. Run. Run like the wind!

Except . . . it's all a farce. Though it fooled internet folk by the dozens, Tickle is a fake. But, just because it doesn't yet exist doesn't mean it won't inspire someone to create the real thing. There may be something similar on the market in a short time.

But do we need an app like this? Most uncomfortable moments provide us with good lessons for social interactions—and is it healthy to wiggle out of every uncomfortable moment? I'd like to get to the point where I can say to my date: "Hey, you're great but I'm not feeling this. I think it would be best if I left now." 

You can't rely on an app to help you with everything. How else will you grow if you don't practice navigating the bumpy spots?

Embrace life's thorny moments and see what you learn from them. You may be surprised.

Image: Taste that awkward. Love that awkward. Courtesy of, Wikimedia


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