Former President Jimmy Carter: Our New BFF?

Ladies, last week was crazy. With Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood fighting the Supreme Court to avoid prescribing birth control to their employees, it seems as if we're going back in time.

Except that we aren't! Former President Jimmy Carter declared that he would dedicate the rest of life to fighting for women's rights! Though the economic state of the nation during his presidency left a Warheads level of sour in everyone's mouths, it was said that he wanted the government to be "compassionate" and apparently, his uber-empathetic legacy continues. 

Carter even has a book on the subject. Appropriately titled, A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power, Carter's book already has rave reviews and is certain to continue making waves. Following suit of other (anti) macho male feminists, Carter had some strong words to say when promoting his new book:

...this, to me, is a thing that I might do in the remaining years of my life that be — would bear the richest dividends, if I can just get the world aroused to the actual facts about what's happening to women and girls and get us to act in concert. In every crime against females that's mentioned in this book, I have got specific recommendations on what we can do, particularly here in the United States.

Brighter future ahead? Let's hope so! Besides jonesing for a compassionate government, Carter is no stranger to doing good globally. His foundation, The Carter Center, is dedicated to human rights and since 1986, has reduced cases of Guinea worm diseases from 3.5 million to fewer than 550 today. 

Let's see if he can flex the same laser-focus on gender equality and eradicate the misogynistic worms still plaguing our nation's progress. 

Image: sense that macho feminist passion? Courtesy of Wikimedia

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