Women's Rights

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Are We Still Ashamed Of Our Periods?

There are still parts of the world where women/vagina owners aren’t allowed inside their own home or community when they’re menstruating. They’re Read...
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Donald Trump's first 100 days were not great for women's rights. (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

What 100 Days Of Trump Has Meant For Women

The Trump administration seems determined to turn America back to the days of the 1950s. Unequal pay, gender-rating in insurance plans, less access Read...
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I feel obligated to let you know that when I was a little kid I mixed up Bono and Jesus Christ more than once.

Bono Has Won Glamour's Woman Of The Year Award 

The internet was not happy about this, though the outrage seems to be less about a man being given a women’s award and more about that man being Bono Read...
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Trolls Target Me Both Online And Offline For My Work As A Women's Rights Advocate

I experience online harassment for the work I do offline. Read...
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The Many Many Problems With The New Sex Work Show 8 Minutes

Under the guise of philanthropy, 8 Minutes essentially blackmails some of the most marginalized and powerless people in society. Read...
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Is Cuba Ahead Of The U.S. In Terms Of Women's Rights?

When it comes to workforce opportunities and reproductive justice, Cuba could teach the U.S. a thing or two. Read...
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The Myth Of Seneca Falls Challenges The Origin Story Of The Women's Suffrage Movement 

A new book explores how the narrative of women's history crafted by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton came at a cost. Read...
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