Taking Cue from “Good-Looking Parents” Navy Baseball Players Rise to Stardom in Frozen Lip-Sync

Last month we posted on the self-titled “good looking parents” who created a viral frenzy with their lip-syncing performance of “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen. Now we bring you a delightful spin-off coming from a most unexpected demographic. Two Navy baseball players (who are apparently exceedingly comfortable with their masculinity in the macho military) perform their own rendition, with no less enthusiasm!

Yes that means one of the bros is singing the girl’s part, and yes it means the in-character teammates agree to marry each other by the end of the song. And yes, it’s pretty cute. In fact, it’s probably a pretty savvy move on their part—I bet they've been raking in the ladies in the wake of this unabashed (but still dudely-looking) performance.


Image: Youtube screenshot.

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