Attention, If You Have Ever Said "A Man Would Never Have A Baby," A Transgender Man JUST DID

image credit Trystan Reese

image credit Trystan Reese

Today in, News That Will Hopefully Cease To Be News At Some Point In The Near Future: A transgender man had a baby. 

Everyone who has ever said, "If men had to have babies, we'd go extinct," may now take a seat (including me). 

Trystan Reese, 34, and his husband, Biff Chaplow of Portland, Oregon, welcomed their first biological child, a little human named Leo, two weeks ago.


Image credit: Sommessa Photography via Facebook

My kids looked like wrinkled Capuchin monkeys compared to this baby. 

Seriously, don't even try to deny how cute this kid is. 
Biff and Trystan also have two adopted kiddos...

Trystan and Biff's older kids.

...who are ALSO adorable. There is so much cuteness happening in this house. 

Trystan and Biff suffered a miscarriage last year, which makes Leo their Rainbow Baby — which makes this whole thing even more awesome.


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Look at his pregnant belly?

I am a sucker for a pregnant belly. 

But let's get down to business, Trystan. Show us what that tattoo looks like now. I have a tattoo of Hello Kitty on my left ass-cheek, the very ass that has covered a size range of 4 to 20. It's looking pretty rough back there. Hello Kitty? More like Goodbye Kitty, it was fun while it lasted.

If your tattoo looks the same as it did before your stomach expanded like once of those punching balloons to accommodate human life, I don't want to know. 

This is front page news everywhere, from CNN to ABC, and now here. Because it's just too sweet, and too important, not to share. 

Because something like this will always bring a**holes out of the woodwork. And that's something we need to be discussing until it's no longer a thing in need of discussion. 

Case in point:

That's cute how you don't know that not all men have penises and not all women have uteruses. 

I mentioned last week that even my 6-year-old child understands that having a vulva doesn't automatically mean you're a girl.

People, hop on board the Reality Train to Sex-Organs-Don't-Mean-Shitville. The 1st graders already figured this out and they can barely READ. 

For those of you unsure how this all works, a review:

  • A person with a uterus is just a person with a uterus, not a girl or boy
  • Same for penises 
  • Sex and gender are not the same
  • You are born with a biological sex, XX, XY, chromosomes etc.
  • Gender is not dictated by XX, XY chromosomes. It is a socially constructed concept describing the range of characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and femininity.
  • Gender and sex are not the same

Other facts:

  • Suicide attempts among trans men: 46%
  • Suicide attempts among trans women: 42%.
  • 57% of trans folx families will choose not to talk to them
  • 64-65% of trans folx have suffered physical or sexual violence at their place of work

It's time for us to figure out how these folks are hurting, and how the rest of us can help them hurt less. 

The president of the goshforsaken country doesn't even understand the implications of treating human beings like they aren't human beings with feelings and needs and complex emotions. (Trump, that's you. You're the president. Stop tweeting and do something worth a shit.) 

I long for the day that a man having a baby just isn't front page news. 

I mean, unless the baby is a platypus or something. Definitely front page news. 

And Trystan and Biff (and kids), congratulations. And DAMN your baby is cute. Send me your address, and I'll knit Leo a hat for those Portland winters. 

The rest of you, a reminder:

Love is love is love. K?

image credit: Mariah Aro Sharp


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