Watch the World’s Most Dangerous Intersection

Virtually every place has its own regional traffic annoyances—detours onto small town dirt roads that inevitably lead to someplace ominous and too Deliverance- looking, heavily potholed streets in languishing industrial centers, non-stop gridlocks in NYC, roundabouts and absurdly narrow roads all over Europe. The list goes on, but let’s be honest; the developing world takes the cake when it comes to traffic insanity.

Enter this video out of Ethiopia, which just might be the world’s most chaotic intersection. There’s no painted lanes, traffic light, or stop signs...or crosswalks for that matter—but it doesn’t seem to put a damper on brave pedestrians hustling through the wild maze of cars. Somehow, the (non)system seems to work—at least over the course of the clip. Watch. Be amazed!



Image: Youtube screenshot.

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