All-Star Political Cast Join Julia Louis-Dreyfus in White House Spoof

So the White House Correspondents Dinner was on Saturday—ya know, that chummy annual gala wherein the media, politicians and celebrities all act like they’re the best of friends, poised and ready to light-heartedly jibe each other? The spotlight is on the president, of course, but why let him hog the attention?

In this generally amazing—if a bit forced—spoof featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selena Meyer (a la her role in HBO’s “Veep”), other political kingpins finally got to enter the red-hot comedic spotlight in a rather glorious publicity stunt. Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and John Boehner are all featured in the moments ostensibly leading up to the big dinner.

Fret not. The politicians pull off just the right amount of self-deprecation, overshadowed by the actor in residence, who always takes the brunt of the joke. This is politics after all people.

Despite it's overall unwillingness to shock and humilate, the clip is still entertaining, and features a few sweet zingers when it’s not bust kissing politician ass, as well as a "House of Cards" jab. So block out seven minutes of your day and witness this work of showmanship jointly brought to you by our nation’s capital, and Hollywood.



Image: Youtube screenshot.

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