Making Whoopee in Hot Tubs is a One-way Ticket to Despair

Summer is here, and for those of us who live in forsaken tundras wrought with urban life (i.e. San Francisco) we have a different reality of summer: this is the time to seek hot tubs and pretend they're luxurious swimming pools. You know, to fit in with our warmer climate dwelling friends. So we totally understand the unrelenting desire to get frisky in these toasty tubs of fun, but—dont.

Why Giana? It feels so good in here! 
People say that chlorine kills all germs, but that's not true. yes, some bacteria—like E. coli, perish instantly—but others are only slayed under specific circumstances. And this is right where hot tubs come into play—the warmth of spas actually foster a cozy little home for not-so-friendly little bacterium. 

Okay, like what?

For starters, there's the super prevalent Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This little bugger causes nasty infections including pus blisters and itchy rashes! Charming as those looks are, the real issue arises when it gets internal. Now, if you have sex in a Jacuzzi you're just forcing that water up there. This leads to catastrophic infections in your ladybits, which then can cause pelvic inflammatory disease.

This doesn't even account for all the germs you already carry on your bodies. Traces of urine, feces, sweat and hell knows what else, linger on bodies. These creatures fester in the warm waters and—if you're making the water beast with two backs—very well may come into contact with your vagina.

Oh, and there's more. When ammonia (found in small amounts in urine and sweat) meets chlorine it forms something called chloramine. This causes respiratory problems. Even if you're the epitome of health, facing a respiratory arrest while having sex in a hot space is dangerous. (Never mind the fact that your partner may be hiding a health issue from you—that's a whole other nasty can of worms.)

Bottom line?
Just, don't have sex in a hot tub. Hell, don't even masturbate with a jet (stick to the shower head). Germs. aren't. sexy.

Image: Hold it RIGHT THERE! Courtesy of, ThinkStock 

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