Ravishly Mixtape Vol. 5: Girl Power!

Inspired by the #yesallwomen campaign, for this week's mixtape, we bring you tunes of fierce female empowerment. These jams remind us that we are badass, we are strong, and we are, well . . . a zigga zig ahhh

Aubrey Says: No Scrubs—TLC

I heard this song for the first time when I was 10. It made me feel sassy then, and it makes me feel sassy now—it's timeless. We have a choice of the men that we want in our lives—this is about finding a man that is independent, treats you well and keeps you interested (plus, check out those dance moves!)

Satisfy my appetite with something spectacular

Shake your vernacular

and then I get back to ya


Nikki Says: "Wannabe"—Spice Girls

Perhaps the most obvious choice, but also (in my opinion) the best. Who knew slamming your body down and winding it all around could be so empowering?

Giana Says: "Still Dirrty"—Christina Aguilera


This song makes me want to run through a field of flowers and embrace not just my sexuality, but the freedom I have to choose how I express it.


Meredith Says: "Take a Bow"—Rihanna

A) Rihanna is just a super awesome woman and B) I love a woman who stands up for herself. GTFO jerk!

Flora Says: "Smile"—Lily Allen

Lily Allen is the cheeky, fabulous, ballsy friend I wish I had. This song is tongue-in-cheek and makes me smile, reminisce about past relationships and realize, every time, IT'S GONNA BE JUST FINE!

Kate Says: "Its On the Rocks"—The Donnas

One of the first musical obsessions, The Donnas stand for everything badass about women to me. They don't give a fuck, are happy to break anything (including your face), and when it comes to guys . . . well, as the song says, nothing's off limits—including keying his Mercedes.


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