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13-Year-Old Mo'ne Davis Joins Ranks of Women of Color on Historic Magazine Covers

Mo'ne Davis has made history is more ways than one. Here are some other knock-outs who have done the same.

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90's Revival Mania! Is It About More Than Just Style?

You say you want a revolution? We're having a nineties reboot . . . with the spirit of the sixties seeping in.


Watch: Now Even Pearl Jam Has Covered 'Let It Go'

Let it gooooo, let it gooooo! Sing it, Pearl Jam.


Behold! Destiny's Child Reunites, and Michelle (Finally) Gets the Spotlight

While the new song "Say Yes" is totally Jesus-centric and that's a little weird, the ditty is totally irresistible. Kelly, can you handle this?


Ravishly Mixtape Vol. 5: Girl Power!

We made you a mixtape . . . of the best songs for female fist-pumping.


90's Grrrl Power Lives on in the 21st Century

Beneath the ear-worming melodies and undeniable pop-froth of the '90s was a latent feminist agenda that's still informing the woman I am today.


Angry Craigslister Dismantles Fat-Shaming Boston Bully

We have a major girlcrush on this bully-denouncing "Missed Connection" ranter.


Nasty Gal Launches New Line of Eye-Singeingly Hot Swimwear

Love Nasty Gal? Get ready to smile your face off. What till you see what they're offering for the sexy days of summer!