Nasty Gal Launches New Line of Eye-Singeingly Hot Swimwear

Nasty Gal fans rejoice: the swimwear line has officially launched!

What to expect? Keep those lovely eyes open for awesome bikini innovation. Tailor your own personal style with their mix 'n match options or take your pool-side style to the next level with bold cutouts and come-hither Y-shaped necklines. Sure, weird tanlines are a definite outcome. That is, unless you apply SPF +50, which you should be doing anyway — you naughty girls.

Tops and bottoms run at $48 and $40, respectively, because everyone knows that the bikini top is more valuable. Right? Who knows.

It's crazy how far Nasty Gal has come in just a few short years. Five years ago, CEO Sophia Amoruso founded Nasty Gal as an itty bitty eBay shop with just a few hundred bucks. Now days, Amoruso is proud to say that Nasty Gal is "female-lead and venture capital-packed." What does that get her? A f*cking $250 million networth, that's what.

You go girl! Can't wait to see what Nasty Gal does next.

Image: color for days. Courtesy of Ms. Phoenix, Flickr


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