Sweet Justice Served: George Will Canned for Offensive Rape Victim Comments

Recently, The Washington Post caused an uproar when it published a story in which conservative columnist George Will argued that "progressive" approaches to stop rape on university campuses gave victims a "coveted status." You know, that ultra-coveted rape-victim status (VIP therapy access sold separately). 

Though the newspaper defended Will, not everyone was so keen on what he had to say. Case in point? The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which ran Will's work as a regular columnist, gave him the boot in wake of the article's PTSD-inducing content. To which we say: halle-fucking-lujah!

Said the Dispatch: "The column was offensive and inaccurate," and they "apologize for publishing it."

Speechwriter and top aide to former President George W. Bush, Michael Gerson, will take over Will's spot. The editor notes that eliminating Will had been in the works for awhile, but his latest column made the change "easier."
At the moment, the Post is still rushing to Will's aide. One writer stated that poor Will was just "misunderstood" because the column was "written a bit awkwardly." So it's OK, you guys! He's just a victim, and we're the bully for reading too much into his words. Well now, don't you feel bad? 

Naturally, the masses took to Twitter to air their complaints, using the hashtag #SurvivorPrivilege. 

The bad news: It's 2014, and this article exists. The good news: People are pissed, and at least one newspaper has done the right thing.

Small victories, ladies. Small victories.

Image: FIRED. Courtesy of, Wikimedia Commons

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