Rejoice! Science Says Marinating Meat In Beer Is Good For You!

​If you managed to save any of that brew you stocked up on for the Fourth, you might want to set some aside for your next BBQ—and no, not for the beirut table. Turns out that these grainy libations not only make fantastic marinade for all your carnivorous desires (chicken! pork loin! steak! oh my!)—they also help break down toxins in your meat. Sadly, red-hot charcoal flames can actually alter your food's molecules, rendering them not-so-nice for consumption (like damaging your DNA). Adding a bit of beer to the mix can help alleviate the highly-reactive components of your meal.

The darker the beer the better—these blends contain more antioxidants, which is what you're looking for to really make a difference in the quality of your tasty meat-treat. Antioxidants soak in a good bit of the unwanted particles and voila, each bite is better. Check out this video by The Guardian on the science behind this stellar discovery. Because what goes better with beer-soaked pork loin than the lilt of a British accent?

Image: ThinkStock


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