I’m Here, I’m Queer, and I Have Nothing To Wear: The Queer Style Blogs that are Saving My Life Right Now

I’m a newly out queer person. A freshly squeezed piece of rainbow. And I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m a total newb. I wish finding out you’re gay was like being Harry Potter when he finds out he’s a wizard. You’re living your life, minding your own business, until one day you get a letter in the mail that says, "you’re super gay!" and then you get carted off to Lesbian Hogwarts where you learn everything there is to know about how to be a queer person.

Currently I don’t know how to flirt with anyone ever, I’m not that good at doing the whole sex thing and I don’t know what to wear. Mostly, I just have no idea which clothes I want to put on my body. I’ve never been that great at dressing myself to begin with, so now I’m completely and utterly lost. 

It’s not that I don’t have anything to wear. My clothes are perfectly nice, still sort of trendy, totally wearable clothes, except I hate them all. I have a closet full of straight girl clothes that remind me of how awful and fake I used to feel when I wore them. Not to mention I've recently realized that dresses make me feel like a gorilla in human clothes, which is to say I look ridiculous and unnatural. My clothes don’t feel like my clothes anymore.

Sadly and not-so-surprisingly, I’m not independently wealthy, so I don’t have money to spend on an entire wardrobe of new clothes, but I want to feel like my clothes are an accurate representation of who I am, and I also want people to know I’m gay. Isn't there some sort of handbook on this issue?! A trusty pamphlet or something? I’m still waiting on that letter from Lesbian Hogwarts . . .

Luckily, on my journey to find clothes that make me feel like a real person, I’ve found that there are indeed places you can head to for help. And those places—wait for it!—are on the internet.

If you, like me, are a clueless young gaybie who happens to find themselves completely unaware of how to dress in a way that says, “Hey world, I’m gay! Gaze upon the beauty of my artful ensemble and come hither!” there are myriad resources you can browse through for inspiration—no closet overhaul required. (In fact, a well-placed beanie speaks volumes.)

Here are some of the queer style sites that are saving my life right now:

Tons of inspiration and advice on how to look fresh, retro, vintage, as well as ideas for non-obnoxiously-floral fragrances.

Fit For A Femme 
Adorable looks for the femme-inclined.

Queer Threads
Some of the best-looking people on the Internet.

Queering Style
Everything you could ever want in a queer style blog.

The Curvy Lesbian

Those shoes though. (Swoon).

Queer street style meets high fashion.

And a couple more resources:




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