Dear Fat Ladies, I Love Your Butt, But That's Not All

It's pretty simple, really.

It's pretty simple, really.

A cultural shift is happening. We are beginning to love people for being people, and fat women are as lovable as any other.

I love fat girls. It feels good to say it. 

Actually, I love all kinds of women. The list (for lack of a better term) of women I’ve dated and/or been intimate with runs the gamut from thin to thick and back. My ex-wife was 105 lbs. soaking wet, and my current longtime girlfriend is twice that weight. Both are very attractive. I love all bodies.

But...I do have a special affinity for girls who are curvy. Thick. Voluptuous. Or, just plain ol' fat.

Until recently, FAT was almost entirely a derogatory term. No one wanted to be associated with fat. But that’s changing. The Internet has given rise to a growing movement of body acceptance, headlined by several individuals willing to stand front and center and say, “Yes, I’m fat. Guess What? I don’t care. I will live and love and laugh and have sex and marry and everything else non-fat people do, and I will not be shamed into anything less than making myself happy.” 

It’s a beautiful thing to see — life is too short to NOT live it on your terms. These pioneers are redefining “fat” as positive. We are learning that fat is not a sin, it’s just a size. Fat doesn’t define someone — it’s only an adjective.

With this growing body acceptance movement, more thick women are modeling, posing nude or semi-nude, and gaining huge followings. A cultural shift is happening. We are beginning to love people for being people, and fat women are as lovable as any other. More men are no longer hesitant to make their love and appreciation for full-figured women known. 

I am one of those men. 

My current longtime girlfriend is a fat girl. A curvy, sexy fat girl (who, by the way, would have no problem finding someone else if she were single). I love her. I adore her. I am as attracted to her now as I was when we met almost 16 years ago. 

I love her because of her size, not in spite of it. And I love her beyond her size. I love her because of the woman she is — her personality, her strength, her unique laugh. I am not a fat fetishist. I choose her because her body is part of what makes her awesome and desirable. It’s one part of a wonderful puzzle that makes up the woman I love.  

The world still asks, “How can you love a fat girl? How do you love a fat girl?" Quite simply: you LOVE her. 

You show her respect, love, sweetness, strength, wit, confidence, and good conversation. You kiss her when you greet her. You cuddle with her. You take her on a date and make her feel like the beautiful queen she is. You make love to her with everything you have, and you don’t stop until she is fulfilled. You make her laugh. You comfort her when she cries. You tell her she is beautiful, amazing. 

When the world asks how you love a fat girl, tell them you just do. 

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