This Baby Will Make You Forget About All The Yuck In The World (At Least For A Little While) 

Baby Joey as Barb! (all photos: Instagram @lauraiz)

Baby Joey as Barb! (all photos: Instagram @lauraiz)

Each and every day this month, I have been looking for brief escapes from the hell that is Election 2016. Today's escape comes in the form of the brillz Instagram account of Laura Izumikawa. She dresses up her baby girl, Joey, in the most amazing costumes that reference pop culture. This is SO going to brighten your day (if it doesn't you might be dead inside). You're welcome. 

baby Joey dressed as Garth



Eleven (The Stranger Things ones slay me!)



an homage to Finding Nemo!

OMG, Royal Tenenbaums!

And rounding out Stranger Things, Joyce Byers.

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