How To Be A More Adventurous Person

Choose your own adventure.

Choose your own adventure.

First, if you’re bored, congratulations are in order. It means you and your family members probably aren’t in grave danger, no odious illnesses have befallen you, you’ve had enough to eat... What? I’m just giving you some perspective. Being bored or feeling stuck in a rut means that you have a good life. Nothing wrong with using this as an opportunity to pause and be grateful, then jump into ways to shake things up a bit. 

Before we divulge ways to become a heck of a lot more exciting than you are right now, it’s best to remember that you shouldn’t be concerned with what other people find adventurous.

Skydiving isn’t for everyone (and is a little played-out anyway).

Since sometimes being more adventurous simply looks like switching up your routine, we’re gonna continue in the style of a Choose Your Own Adventure Book. Let the nostalgia take hold of you for a sec...

Yup, now we can continue.

  1. You start this ‘new you’ from the outside first, figuring that adjusting more superficial aspects of yourself is probably the quickest way to see change.

    Turn to page 31 if you stroll down a side street of boutiques, find a mannequin with the most bizarre getup, and purchase the whole outfit. And actually wear it.

    Turn to page 14 if you finally chop your hair. It will grow back, contrary to what your fears are telling you. Hats are nice, too.

  2. You check your bank account. There’s more in there than you thought. How much exactly, well that’s personal, but it’s enough that you think you could maybe take some kind of trip.

    Turn to page 93 if you’d like to take a day trip to that exotic animal farm or nature reserve that’s only a couple of hours away.

    Turn to page 57 if you go cliff diving in Acapulco.

  3. You decide to become bolder by learning something new. It’s time to go back to class. Your brain cells haven’t been exercised since your niece asked you to take a look at her math worksheet. Eesh.

    Turn to page 4 if you flip through the local community college course booklet and land on a pottery class.

     Turn to page 22 if you decide to take a cage-diving course in a small city in South Africa that's nicknamed “Shark Alley.”

  1. Your typical modes of entertainment just aren’t doing it for you anymore. You’ve memorized all the lines to that sitcom that’s like comfort food for your eyes. What else is there?

    Turn to page 8 if you head down to the grocery store, the one that’s a little dirty, you know, with the perma-sludgy floors, and reach for that paperback with the purple-taloned woman who has her hand on the bare-chested man. Huh, it looks like they’re on a private island. That’s kinda cool.

    Turn to page 79 if you buy tickets to that hip concert venue in town and see a band play that you’ve never heard of before.

  2. You hear that the best way to become a more exciting person is by mixing up your morning routine.

    Turn to page 65 if you begin jogging before work and discover a street in your neighborhood you’ve never been down.

    Turn to page 43 if you ride the bus into work and start talking to a stranger. It’s not as bad as your mom told you it would be. Plus, that man just offered his (only partially chewed) gum.  

  3. You vow to get outdoors more. You’re looking a little cagey and your skin has not absorbed any Vitamin D in quite some time.

    Turn to page 101 if you hike a scenic trail around a lake. It was only a 25-minute drive from your house! You should do this more often!

    Turn to page 87 if you and your friend go kayaking until you spot a whale and end up riding its back while getting it all on video. Eh, I dunno about this one actually, since it’s already been done.

Often, people will ask, “What’s the worst that could happen?” when they attempt brave new escapades. Maybe security or acceptance or fear is actually the worst thing that can happen to you. Maybe it makes you complacent enough to become a zombie form of yourself. Maybe instead of being a zombie you should take a college zombie survival course. But hey, you choose your own adventure, not me.

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