#RavsWriters: Winona Dimeo-Ediger - From 'Daddy Likey' To National Geographic

It's pretty cool when you get your start with a blog called "Daddy Likey." (Image Credit: Winona Dimeo-Edgier)

It's pretty cool when you get your start with a blog called "Daddy Likey." (Image Credit: Winona Dimeo-Edgier)

Welcome to #RavsWriters, an opportunity for you to get to know some of the outstanding human beings who fervently type to make Ravishly the awesome place it is. 

1. Name 

Winona Rose Dimeo-Ediger.

2. Tell us about your family, or your cats, or your elaborate paper napkin collection.

I grew up with three younger brothers in a house that was loud and crazy in all the best ways. There was always an arm wrestling tournament or a corndog-eating contest going on, or if we got really lucky, a combination of the two.

3. When did you start writing? Why?

I've always loved writing, but my first step toward making it a career was when I started a funny fashion blog called "Daddy Likey" in 2007. I was living in Hawaii at the time and loved all the gorgeous fashion blogs popping up, but I felt like there weren't many blogs that focused more on the writing than the pictures. So I started writing every single day, and my audience grew, and pretty soon I was working at National Geographic and writing a book. It cracks me up that my entire career can be traced back to a fashion blog called, of all things, "Daddy Likey." It's definitely a fun thing to say out loud during job interviews.

4. What do you like to do when you're not doing the thing you have to do?

I love traveling, cooking, eating, reading, doing art of all kinds (currently teaching myself to embroider), singing in the car, facilitating serious discussions about Harry Potter, taking walks, fighting fascism, and watching Seinfeld.

5. What music do you love? (Barry Manilow is an acceptable answer.)

I'm a huge Celine Dion superfan and keep an updated ranked list of my top 100 favorite Celine Dion songs with me at all times, just in case. Other than Celine, I love country, pop, hip hop, oldies, and angry man music from the '90s.

6. Favorite pizza topping.

I'm in the middle of a pretty serious pepperoni and pineapple phase.

7. Favorite donut.

I'm pretty equal opportunity when it comes to donuts, but if I HAD to choose one fave, I guess I would go with a custard-filled. But honestly it kind of pains me to even think about limiting myself to one kind of donut.

8. Last book you read.

I just finished Maya Angelou's The Heart of a Woman and it totally blew me away.

9. What's your sign?

Taurus! AKA obsessed with cookies, snuggles, cashmere, and resentment.

10. One word to describe you.


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