Jenni Berrett is a writer, reader, bubble bath enthusiast, and the features editor at Ravishly. Her writing has appeared on HelloGiggles, GOOD Magazine, Lush Cosmetics, and Doll Hospital Journal. She writes a mental health column on Ravishly called OCDame, and sometimes she writes about astrology too. She can usually be found reading a fantasy novel or trying to stop her cat from knocking various clutter off overflowing bookshelves. She is rarely successful.

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Mentally ill people are not separate from us — they are part of us.

I'm Mentally Ill — And I Will NOT Be Your Mass Shooting Scapegoat 

Content Notice: mass shootings and violence, suicide mention In the wake of yet another act of  domestic terrorism, Donald Trump — who is so diabolically incompetent that I have to continually remind myself that he is, in fact, the president of the United... Read...
Jenni Berrett   |   11.14.17 12:01am   |   SHARE
Image credit: Abdial Ibarra via Unsplash

How Do You Ever Heal When Life Keeps Punching You In The Face?

Healing is hard work. It will be hard today, tomorrow, next week, next month, 3 years from now.
Jenni Berrett   |   10.17.17 12:00am   |   SHARE
New podcasts worth checking out!

3 Amazing New Podcasts To Tune Into This Fall

I am a podcast fiend so here are here are 3 incredible new podcasts to dive into this Fall. You'll thank me later and be sure to share any recommendations.
Jenni Berrett   |   10.12.17 12:36am   |   SHARE

Meet Gallo: Experimental Pop Musician & Unapologetic Fantasy Nerd

I called Gallo up this summer to talk about her new music, our shared Narnia obsession, and the importance of maintaining a strong sense of childlike wonder.
Jenni Berrett   |   09.20.17 12:00am   |   SHARE

Turtles All The Way Down & Mental Illness Representation In Books

An obsessive spiral is largely invisible, with no quirky Monk-like hand washing to ground it in reality. The hand washing stuff — the compulsion — comes later.
Jenni Berrett   |   09.6.17 12:00am   |   SHARE

This Is What It's Like To Have A Panic Attack Every Day

For a long time, I kept a mental list of things that I’d do once I was “better.” I yearned for a sound mind and a thin body — two things I was not born with but figured I could somehow earn. Once I had those two things, I could do anything I wanted.
Jenni Berrett   |   08.27.17 12:47pm   |   SHARE
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We Have A Perfectionism Problem

We need to stop trying to be perfect. I know better than most that it is much, much easier said than done.
Jenni Berrett   |   08.9.17 12:00am   |   SHARE

An Interview With Andrea Ritchie, Activist & Author Of Invisible No More

"I'm hoping that it goes beyond saying a new set of names and actually really changing how we think about everything in this conversation, both in the conversations around policing and racial profiling and the silent mass incarceration, but also in the... Read...
Jenni Berrett   |   08.9.17 12:00am   |   SHARE
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The Power Of Pretty Things: How Makeup Helps My Mental Health

Even if I have no plans to leave the house — or if I had plans to leave the house and got to anxious to follow through with them — I find a great deal of power in the simple act of painting my face and commemorating the ritual with a selfie.
Jenni Berrett   |   08.2.17 12:00am   |   SHARE

An Interview With Fancy Feast: Burlesque Performer (AKA Professional Naked Person)

Before Instagram body positivity (actually before Instagram, period), there was tumblr body positivity. I was lucky enough to take a different turn within tumblr’s maze of angst and anguish: body positivity.
Jenni Berrett   |   07.26.17 12:00am   |   SHARE