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The Scientific Reason That Proves Homosexuals Are Gay At BIRTH

"No one chooses to be gay, nor can someone be "turned" gay due to outside forces or influences."

Just because a woman enjoys being spanked or having her hair pulled mid-coitus doesn't mean she is giving up equality — it's simply a game she wants to play. Image: WeHeartIt.

I'm A Feminist Who Loves BDSM And I Give Zero F*cks What You Think

As with any book that explores a realm diverging from the mundane, there has been a lot of talk about not only the writing (apparently it sucks), but also the topic. While some are appalled by it, others, like myself, are just giving my fellow friends who enjoy some spanking action high fives. It's about time that a woman wanting to play the submissive role in the bedroom is portrayed in a light that makes it seem like a normal sex act, not something that goes on in a creepy S&M dungeon.

You don't want to end up on this shit list.

I Sent My Cheating Husband An Actual Pile Of Horse Sh*t In The Mail

It was sometime just before midnight in the middle of the week, when I took to Google to see if I could send a big chunk of sh*t to my husband.

french love

The BIG Thing American Men Can Learn From French Men About Sex

First of all, because I'm traveling alone and have, what I imagine, quite an obvious American accent, men do not hesitate to engage me in conversation.

Everyone loves dolphins!

8 WTF Vibrators That'll Make You Question Everything

The world is a strange and wonderful place. And nothing is a true testament to just how bizarre things can get than if you look at the wide and wild selection of vibrators out there.

Society may have been shaken to its core when the Rabbit was invented, but that was nothing compared to the Gaga Vibrator. Why? Because the Gaga offers something the Rabbit can't: a camera on the end so you can get an up close view of vag. Svakom, which calls itself "the world's leader in intelligent intimate lifestyle products" is the sex toy company we have to thank for this gem. Oh, there's even a video. Yes, you want to watch the video.