Erynn Porter

Erynn Porter


Erynn Porter just graduated New Hampshire Institute of Art’s BFA program and is currently assistant editor and staff writer for Quail Bell Magazine. She has been published in Extract(s), The Mighty, and Quail Bell Magazine. She often jumps between her interests of writing fiction and nonfiction, short stories and children’s books, and to anything else that grabs her attention. You can often find her eating candy while editing her own work; she claims that candy is the perfect editing food. When Erynn isn’t editing, she’s reading with a cat curled up beside her.

Erynn Porter Articles

I’m twenty-two, damn it. And I’m sick of being treated like a child when comes to my vagina.

I'm A 22-Year-Old Virgin, And My Doctor Won't Treat Me Because Of It

For some reason, being a virgin automatically makes me unable to know my body.

Watching twins for eight hours made me rethink everything.

My Nephews Taught Me That I Didn't Want Kids

Now I’m not jumping on the bandwagon of women not having kids as some sort of comment on society or being rebellious about social expectations. It’s not like those reasons aren’t valid, but they are just not mine. When my dad mentions kids and then laughs when I say I’m not interested, I don’t get angry. Because in all honestly, I can’t say that I’m a definite on not having kids for life, I am only twenty-three. But this feels like the right decision, so I’m definite with the idea right now in the moment.

By DonkeyHotey (Betsy DeVos - Caricature) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Danger Of DeVos

Having a program to support you does not mean everything gets fixed right away. Nothing is ever that easy when you have a disability or chronic illness.