Hannah Matthews

Hannah Matthews


Hannah is a writer, artist, photographer, and full-time ice-cream-eater based in Portland, Maine. Her work has most recently appeared in SELF Magazine, BUST Magazine and on McSweeney's Internet Tendency. She can usually be found in the woods with her dog, in the kitchen baking a pie, or on social media yelling about stuff.

Hannah Matthews Articles

This is my life with an eating disorder. This is my before and after.

The Other Before and After: Life With An Eating Disorder 

I’ve never been a fan of eating disorder recovery Before-and-After photos. I don’t find it healthy or helpful to compare and appraise the shapes and sizes of bodies.

 It sure can be tempting to just hunker down into that depression, and make yourself a little home of blankets and hot drinks and Netflix.

Long Nights, Dark Days: Staying Mentally Healthy All Winter 

Winter is upon us! It sure can be tempting to just hunker down into that depression, and make yourself a home of blankets. But let's stay mentally healthy!


Claim Your Shame: Lots Of People Are Divorced

I couldn’t imagine having to tell anyone that I was...divorced. It’s so silly when you really think about it: about 40-50% of marriages end in divorce.

You may think you are only expressing your own worries about your diet or your body, but you are telling those around you that they should worry about their diet and body.

Shutting Down Diet Talk

Is everyone so deeply entrenched in diet culture that we don’t even hear ourselves anymore?

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My Partner Stood By Me When Chronic Illness Threatened My ED Recovery

Two months after my chronic illness diagnosis, we got engaged. He has always nailed the “in health” portion of our future marriage vows.