Katie Medlock


 Katie enjoys writing about mental health advocacy, environmental sustainability, and delicious vegan food in today’s changing world. She achieves that #worklifebalance by doing plenty of weightlifting, podcast listening, and latte sipping.

Katie Medlock Articles

Bills aren't always the most important thing (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

I Quit My Job, I'm $40K In Debt, And I Couldn't Be Happier

The morning dread. The withdrawal from co-workers and loved ones. The point is: my job was no longer working for me. And it was time, debt or no debt, to set myself free.

Let us be comfortable, alright?

In Defense of Wearing Gym Shorts

I can feel the air on my thighs and a jiggle in my step after I slip into my gym shorts. My cellulite, which rarely sees the light of day, is hanging out for all to see. My thighs rub together and stubble stands on end without the protective sheath of my capris. I am ready to get my workout on. And I am uncomfortable.