Leila Sinclaire

Leila Sinclaire


Leila Sinclaire is a mother, teacher, writer, and educational consultant living in Berkeley, CA. Find her on Medium.com, Instagram @lucidleila, or Twitter @leilasinclaire.  

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Operation Don’t Pass on Your Problems to Your Kids continues in fits and starts. Image: Thinkstock.

Raising Resilient Girls, Or Not

I cannot believe I have already raised my young children to conform to such gendered stereotypes. It's particularly striking when it comes to their confidence.

You have never had to be so flexible, literally and figuratively, in your life. Image: Hua Zhan/Pixabay.

Congratulations, New Parents — You're Screwed.

There is actually no way to prepare for parenthood.

Getting waxed by a trainee. Buckle up. (Image credit: Thinkstock)

Well, That Was Awkward: A Story Of A Bikini Waxer In Training

I am brave. Or maybe just blissfully unaware of danger. At night, I walk alone down alleys. In inclement weather, I drive at regular speed.