Hanukkah — sometimes spelled Hanukka or Chanukah

Hanukkah Is Not Jewish Christmas

Both involve lights, a miracle, and fall on the 25th day of a winter month, but that’s about where the similarities end between Hanukkah and Read...
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 Behold, the 2017 Ask Erin Holiday Gift Guide!

The Ask Erin 2017 Holiday Gift Guide 

Happy holidays! This is what I would buy if I were you, or me, for me or you. Behold, the 2017 Ask Erin Holiday Gift Guide. Read...
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Drag isn't one-size-fits-all femininity. (image credit: Thinkstock)

What A Drag Queen Thinks About Female Beauty Standards

Being a Drag Queen isn't one-size-fits-all femininity. Not all real life women are glamorous and fabulous at all times, nor should we feel we have to Read...
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Christmas AF!

4 Ways To Be Christmas AF

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Go forth and get Christmas AF, and enjoy the absurdity of this magical season. Happy holidays! Read...
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After learning I had been assaulted, it took the men who ran my company mere moments to decide that I was the problem.

Why Women Aren’t Safe At Work

After learning I had been assaulted, it took the men who ran my company mere moments to decide that I was the problem. Women aren’t safe at work. Read...
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There's a tradition of Mexican-American women fashioning identity through vintage clothing.

How Mexican-American Women Are Fashioning Identity

Perhaps my grandmother already knew she was dying when she initiated our weekend shopping trips. Sometimes she drove us to the Goodwill herself. As Read...
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Please stop approaching women at gas stations!

Dear Men: Please Stop Approaching Women At Gas Stations

Whether they realize it or not, men’s entitlement by approaching women to comment on their bodies in public spaces is a perpetuation of rape culture. Read...
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Scorpio is the most notorious sign in the zodiac. (Image: Unsplash/ Timothy Paul Smith)

19 Ways You Know You’re A True Scorpio

True Scorpio nature: We like it when people are afraid of us. They should be afraid. Here 19 other ways you know you're a Scorpio! Read...
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