When we are faced with an evil that looks like us, things get a little more complicated.

We Don’t Call Out White Terrorism Because We Don’t ‘Other’ Whiteness

If Trump is right (there’s a first time for everything) and we need to state what a problem is before solving it, then let’s state it now. Radical Read...
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The 9 1/2 Foot Remote Controlled Bald Eagle

9 Of The Most Ridiculous Things In The Hammacher Schlemmer Catalogue

Every item in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue starts with the word “The” which implies it might be the only one of its kind. And let me tell you, Read...
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Women are currently creating solutions to powerlessness, lack of safety, anxiety, and loneliness

Technology Is The New Self-Care

Technology is allowing people to build communities that matter to them, that help keep them safe, and remove isolation. Technology is the new self- Read...
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Dealing with creepy come-ons as an erotica author.

How I Navigate Creepy Come-Ons As An Erotica Author

The sexy words I write as an erotic author may intrigue, but they also invite readers into a level of intimacy that’s unintended. Read...
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Once a year, fat and fashionable women flock to New York City to meet and greet some of their favorite fashion bloggers and influencers.

Hobnobbing & Trendspotting At CURVYcon

An estimated 67% of American women are plus size. So creating a fashion-focused space that caters to that market, like Curvycon is genius. Read...
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It's fall y'all.

4 Ways To Be Fall AF

Gather anything orange, brown, olive green, harvest yellow, and dead. Dead leaves, dead flowers, dead hopes and dreams, and arrange them artistically Read...
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Let's celebrate fall with a pumpkin spice latte in hand!

10 Fresh, Fun, Mostly Legal Ways To Celebrate Fall 

Today, I present to you a fresh, new list of ways to live-up Instagram’s favorite season. Let's celebrate fall (beyond pumpkin spice lattes)! Read...
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You can tell I love you if I ever touch your feet.

Can You Please Take Your Feet Off That?

Can we all agree that whether in public or private spaces, don’t put your feet in other people’s spaces and keep your shoes off the furniture? Read...
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