Clinton Throws Down Over Benghazi Panel And Emails –– And It Is Glorious

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was visibly enraged by what she termed "partisan exercises" designed to hurt her poll numbers when asked about her emails and Benghazi on the Today Show this morning. 

Clinton has been the target of lengthy Republican investigations about both issues –– a strategy that Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the front-runner Republican candidate to succeed John Boehner as House speaker, described last week as highly effective in damaging her poll numbers. Although McCarthy strongly implied last week that the investigation was designed to hurt Clinton's presidential bid, McCarthy has since "clarified" his comments. 

Thus far, however, the Congressional investigations have turned up no clear evidence of wrong-doing against Clinton. Regardless, she has taken a serious beating in the media and in the polls on both issues. 

Clinton was having none of McCarthy's clarification Monday morning. "It is also, as we well know –– it is the way the Republicans are trying to bring, as they admit, my poll numbers down," Clinton said. She also emphatically stated that the investigations should be shut down now that Republican motivation has been made clear, but that if Congress decides to keep them going, she will "be there."

Frankly, I think she is looking forward to another opportunity to tell Republicans like it is. And I'm looking forward to hearing it. 

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