Front Door Delivery Of Plan B? Yes, Please.

OK, the title of this article is a bit deceiving, I will admit. But bear with me. 

Have you ever:

A. Forgotten to refill your birth control pill until it was the day you needed it, and then you got distracted by something at work (or your screaming toddler, or whatever) and before you realized it, it was 7:55 PM and the pharmacy closes at 8? And it's Friday night and you're leaving town the next morning at 7 and the pharmacy opens at 9? (Wait, has this never happened to you?)

B. Engaged in the sort of sex that would warrant the use of emergency birth control?

C. Had sex with someone and then realized it was a bad idea and you weren't sure if they were free of STIs?

Some of these things have happened to me (OK, maybe all, but whatever) and damn, when you have a little baby and you need Plan B you know going to the pharmacy is just going to be embarrassing. Even if it's not embarrassing, it might feel embarrassing. So here is a thing that is awesome and I am telling you because you should know: It's called Nurx and it's probably going to change the way a lot of women use and obtain birth control and other related medications.

How it works:
  • The patient signs up at and inputs their health information and insurance info and then selects the type and brand they want.
  • A doctor then reviews the patient's health information and follows up with the patient if there are any questions or concerns.
  • The doctor then sends the prescription to one of our partner pharmacies, and the medicine is then shipped directly to the patient's door.

Not yet, but soon, Nurx will also be offering emergency contraception, followed by Truvada for PrEP (an HIV prevention medication which is up to 99% effective in preventing transmission of the virus).

I realize this sounds like a commercial, because, well, it sort of is (except no one is paying me). But I'm telling you this for all the times I forgot my pill and freaked out, and for the times you might, too.

Technology is cool.

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