Introducing Lioness: The Newest In Tech-Savvy Vibrators

Not long ago, I discovered a sex toy designed to teach men the “right way” to masturbate. Ha, ha, ha, I thought. Someone is trying to tell guys they don’t know how to get themselves off! Ha, ha, ha!

Guess what, vag-and-clit squad? There’s another entrepreneur out there who wants to teach us to masturbate better, too. And they’re ready to send smart-tech into our vaginas to make it happen.

Meet the Lioness, a smart vibrator in development by Liz Klinger. According to the Lioness Indiegogo page, the vibrator “uses embedded sensors to measure indicators of arousal and orgasm (vaginal contractions, temperature, and movement).” You then get to check all this data on a phone app. It’s like a Fitbit for your clit (AKA: a Clitbit).

The Lioness is supposed to be able to give you feedback on your sexual repossess to confirm what you like and don’t like in bed — alone or with a partner. This is potentially very interesting, but if you regularly reach orgasm, you probably already have a good handle on what to touch and how hard and fast to touch it. The app might be great for discussing the finer points with a partner, however, and the toy looks like a definite crowd pleaser. But at $230, it’s gonna need to really deliver on the orgasms, not just the data.

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