Iowa Advances Bill To Allow Children To Use Hand Guns

What on earth could go wrong?

What on earth could go wrong?

The Iowa state House of Representatives advanced a bill yesterday that would make it lawful for children to use hand guns under the direct supervision of parents.

State Rep Jake Highfill (R) says the bill brings the law in line with regulations for long guns, which children are already permitted to use.

We can assume that long gun use is permitted because hunting is an all-ages activity and has been for generations. Home and personal defense have been left to adults because it requires serious judgment. Shooting the wrong deer isn’t nearly as serious as shooting the wrong person. But I digress.

“Allowing people to learn at a young age the respect that a gun commands is one of the most important things you can do.” The alternative, Highfull said, is “turning 18 with no experience.”

Maybe for his next act, Highfill will propose letting kids take their Power Wheels cars on the interstate so they won’t reach 16 with no highway experience. He could also let kids perform minor surgery so future doctors don’t get med school with no scalpel experience. Then he could round out the legislation by letting kids go to the International Space Station so future astronauts are well-versed in zero-gravity living. Just make sure they have the kind of “visual and verbal contact” the bill uses to define adult supervision.

What on earth could go wrong? 

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