Obama Expected To Make Hillary Endorsement

June 7th is the last big day to pick the party nominees for President. While the GOP settled the question after everyone but Donald Trump dropped out of the race, the Democrats are fighting their way to the finish. It would be all but impossible for Senator Bernie Sanders to overcome his delegate deficit to beat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but he’s still trying. Regardless of his admirable efforts, the polling analytics site FiveThiryEight estimates that Hillary will clinch the nomination tomorrow.

President Obama, who also knows a thing or two about delegate math, is expected to jump into the campaign for the first time this week with an endorsement of Hillary. CNN reports that White House sources are saying that they are already working with Clinton campaign offices in Brooklyn to arrange formal endorsement event. Obama himself is planning to be active in the presidential contest saying, “There's going to be plenty of time for me to step in and campaign.”

Obama’s approval ratings are at a high-water mark, so lending his weight to the campaign will give it a meaningful boost. Vice President Biden is also likely to make an endorsement soon so the Democratic Dream Team is coming off the bench all at once.

In what can’t be a coincidence, the President is going to be having his first appearance on the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon this week. While I think we all want to see Obama and Fallon face off in a lip-sync contest (I vote for Obama to do Sorry by Beyonce. You know you want to see him doing “Middle fingers up, put them hands high” too. You just do.), it would be equally awesome for Obama to use that platform to make the case for the Democratic nominee and get this campaign rollin’ Chicago style.

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