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I’m not entirely sure how we landed here in this space of passionless kisses.

My Husband And I Don’t French Kiss Anymore 

It has been more than a decade into my marriage. At this point, a basic French kiss would feel awkward and perhaps even scandalous. Read...
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Inflexible people have sex, too!

8 Sex Positions For Truly Inflexible People

Inflexible people have sex, too. We can’t all be bent into pretzels and simultaneously orgasm our faces off. Here are 8 sex positions for inflexible Read...
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I’m here to help you bring the passion back...and maybe even get a little wicked sex!

A Mom’s Guide To Wicked Sex (Or Regular Sex, Take Whatever You Can Get)

Sometimes, after you become a mom, you forget that sex used to be fun, hot, even wicked. Wicked sex? HA. I’m here to help you bring the passion back. Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   09.26.17   |   SHARE
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If you have to lower your standards to win, you’re not really winning.

Why I Talk About My Virginity On First Dates

Here’s the thing about faking it: eventually, the truth comes out, or someone gets hurt. So I'm going to talk about my virginity on first dates! Read...
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He does not deserve praise for loving me despite my fat.

My Husband Does Not Get An Award For Loving Me Despite My Fat

If your partner does not love you because you are fat, that has nothing to do with your fat and everything to do with them being an ass. Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   09.21.17   |   SHARE
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I hadn't been called "Ma'am" by someone I was dating until I moved to the South.

Southern Hospitality: Sex & Dating In The South

This California girl has been living down South and enjoying all of its southern hospitality. It’s been an interesting experience, to say the least. Read...
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I had officially lost the battle but here's what you can do.

What To Do When His Mom Doesn’t Like You From Day One

I tried my best to impress and please. I worked on the farm, helped in the kitchen, and tried emphasizing all the other reasons Mick was in New York Read...
Emily Rekstis    |   09.20.17   |   SHARE
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Saying cis-men want more sex and women want less straight up shames us ALL.

Saying Men Want More Sex & Women Want Less Shames Us All

By saying all people who identify as women want less sex and men want more, you’re grossly generalizing two large groups in a way that is both Read...
Gigi Engle    |   09.19.17   |   SHARE
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