Sarah Bengtsson

What is your fondest memory?
Probably when I first got to the US. I came from Sweden about six or seven years ago. I traveled first to Kansas City because I ended up as a nanny, but now I transferred from the Art Institute in Kansas City to the Art Institute in Chicago. So I just got here like a week ago! I'm studying interior design.

What is your first impression on moving here?
It's huge! It was a little overwhelming, but not too bad. It was interesting but I got through it. I had less trouble adjusting to Chicago because it's more like home than Kansas City. Here I feel like I'm in the city, I can walk, there's public transportation. Kansas City was a little smaller, more Southern, and you had to have a car.

What would your past self think of your present self?
"You made it! I knew I would get here somehow, but not this quick!" I just happened to get it earlier than I expected, which is pretty awesome.

What would you name your autobiography?
I would say, Life Experience from Sweden to the US. Adapting, traveling, rules in general — just getting to know both cities.

What has been inspiring you design-wise?
Well I went Rome last summer, so probably that. Just getting to travel. The fact that you can go anywhere today is just really inspiring to me. I just kind of want to put my foot everywhere! 

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