What is your fondest memory?
Right at this second my fondest memory is being at the Oregon Country Fair in the middle of the forest for three days, following the magic cloud dragon through the fair in a giant parade. It was awesome. I miss it. Thirty years ago, Jerry Garcia bought this property in Oregon so that all the fairies and hippies could have a place to frolic once a year, so that's what they do. It's a three day fair — they own the property so they can kind of do whatever they want. The cloud dragon is their mascot — he's there every year to chase away the rain hopefully, because otherwise the whole place turns to mud. Since I've come down here to San Francisco I haven't made it back up to the festival, it's something I miss about my home.

What would your past self think about your present self?
My past self would think my present self is so cool! I'm living in this beautiful city, I have a cool job, and I dress cute for work every day. I work at a boutique here on Haight, and they sell retro fashion.

What would you name your autobiography?
I'm going to pull out Johnny Carson's stock answers for this one: "Never," "Only on Tuesdays," "Once with Daryl Hannah," "Twice with Bette Midler," "Why would you ask me that?" Those were his five stock answers for any question he didn't know how to answer, and I don't know how to answer that one! 

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