I’m not a trend setter or a trend follower; I have my own fashion sense that’s completely independent of what’s splashing across Instagram — although I am very in favor of the pastel hair dye trend.

Why I’ll Never Give Up My 90s Bangs

Some people would say my bangs make me look younger and I should grow them out, but I disagree. My bangs don’t magically change my appearance, but my forehead feels naked without them.

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Chris Cornell Is Dead; Was His Last Performance Foreshadowing?

Soundgarden was part of something bigger, something that changed everything.

the 80s return

God Bless The 80s: ESPRIT RETURNS

Warning: The author reminisces a lot in this piece and comes to conclusion that she has probably kept an unhealthy amount of clothing from high


New Petition Calls For Selena-Themed Makeup Line

Recently, we honored the li

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Why We Should Thank The Girl Gamers Of The '90s

I didn’t want 100 lives. I wanted a badass, muscle-sporting chick to play with.

Ah, the glory of the Frizz. Courtesy of YouTube

Netflix To Re-Vamp Magic School Bus Series: Awesome Or Awful?

Netflix's new take won't transport us back to the glorious School Bus days of yore, but it just might make learning cool again for a new crop of kids.


Celebrate Maya Angelou (and Love) with this Luscious Poem

Ms. Angelou may be gone, but her stirring words live on.