The best way I know to feel better when I’m low is to scrape up some gratitude.(Photo by Neil Bates on Unsplash)

9 Things To Be Grateful For After A Breakup

Finding gratitude in the wake of a bad breakup isn’t easy. Here are a few things to focus on.

"We are a species of over-thinkers. We love to torture ourselves and drown in depressing feelings. I don’t know why, but we do."

5 Things We All Do After A Terrible Breakup

Breakups are emotionally charged experiences that leave us hollow and pretty messed up. It’s not to say we won’t come back better and stronger — we always do! But, we do some thoroughly toxic nonsense before we get to that place.

Your broken heart will heal.

A Word To The Brokenhearted

The universe always knows, and so what it does in all its lovely knowing, is it clears a path for you. When the universe sees that things have reached the point where they stand to steer you off your path, it will clear a way for you to continue moving onward and upward.

I snapped.

6 Things I Learned From Heartbreak And Financial Ruin

The building pressure of trying to find security and a future on my own, compounded with my heartbreak, caused me to snap.

Breaking up is hard. Forgiving is even harder. You can repair your relationship.

6 Steps To Repair Your Relationship After You Mess Up BIG TIME

Your relationship broke up. You can repair your relationship! No matter what happened, getting your ex to forgive you is a little bit of work.


Dear Cowardly Ex: Breaking Up With Me Via Form Letter Is Real Classy!

After running a mental postmortem on why the guy I was dating ended things, I discovered he used a form letter from an Internet site to break up with me! And this was my response . . .