Lack Of Sex-Ed Leads To Skyrocketing Abortion Rates In China's Teens

If you ever want to see what happens when young people aren’t given necessary information about sex, sexual activity, or contraception, look to China.

I have three kids: two from China, one from the vagina. Image: Jill Robbins

6 Things I Learned About Adoption During Our First Month Home With Our New Child

Life is pretty normal now — whatever that means — but I’ll always look back on our first few weeks home with our newly-adopted kids and compare it to surviving some kind of parenting boot camp or extended sorority hell week.


Is China To Blame For Snowpocalypse?

Many Americans are right now gazing into a dirty pile of snow that's wrecked havoc on their plants and lives.


Liza Shi: Student

Spotted: Powell St, SF

I can almost hear Adele warbling on the stereo. Courtesy of ThinkStock

China Celebrates "Singles' Day" With Self-Loathing Shopping Sprees

Chinese singles may seem self-loathing but Americans have their own strange self-love problems.

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New Study Says We Aren't Awful Shallow People

Congratulations! We think nice people are prettier.

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Strange Science: Woman Discovers She's Missing Half Her Brain Neurons

People have survived a missing cerebellum a grand total of nine times in history—including this latest amazing case.


High On History: Clowns Are Cultural Archetypes, Transcend The Time-Space Continuum

Loathsome as clowns may seem in the modern era, these corny—and creepy!—tropes have been archetypal, cross-cultural characters throughout the ages.