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Trump & North Korea: In The Words Of Danny Glover, 'I'm Too Old For This Sh*t'

I have zero interest in reliving the years of mutually assured destruction that characterized U.S.-Russian relations during my childhood. And I definitely don't want to do it with Kim Jong Un, who is far less level-headed than Mikhail Gorbachev. And I sure as hell don't want to do it with Donald Trump.

I don't know if Trump TV will catch on but if it does, I have a weird feeling at least one member of the Palin family could make an appearance there. (Image Credit: Instagram/@dayofdistress)

What Fresh Orwellian Hell Is This TrumpTV Situation?

This week, the golfer in chief launched TrumpTV, a series of Facebook live updates detailing the great state of the universe according to Donald Trump.

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John Kelly: Imposing Order On The Wide World Of WTF That Is 2017 America

The good news is that we seem to be gaining adult supervision in the White House for the moment. And in Congress. And also at the FBI.

If you think that hiring a guy whose main communications experience is being combative on cable news is a bad idea, you’re not alone. White House Press Secretary Sean Spricer resigned today, allegedly because he disagreed with this hire. (Image Credit: Twitter/@tedlieu)

Another Crazy Week In D.C. Leads This Writer To An Inevitable Question: 'Is He On Drugs?'

We have all made it through another madcap week here in 2017. All kinds of groovy things have been going on — and by groovy, I mean things that make everyone ask: 'Dude, is he on drugs? No? Then am I on drugs? Because this is all too weird not to involve drugs.'

Don Jr. admitted the meeting happened. He admitted the other two Trump consiglieres were present. He admitted that the lawyer had suggested she had dirt, but really she didn’t. (Image Credit: Instagram/@donaldtrumpjr)

Did Donald Trump Jr. Just Incriminate Himself Blatantly On The Russian Scandal?

The Russian meddling, the Kremlin favoring his father, the offer to provide information with material value to the Trump campaign. Did Donald Trump Jr. know it was illegal? I dunno. But he went ahead and did it all anyway.

Trump is reportedly under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for obstruction of justice. (Image Credit: By The White House from Washington, DC [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

Happy Birthday, Mr. President: You're Under Investigation

Based on the leaks, the FBI started investigating the president for potential obstruction after he fired former FBI director, James Comey. Trump said outright that he did that because of the Russia investigation. The FBI is apparently taking him at his word.

If anything, now that a reality star is the President, surely it's more important than ever that celebrities use their platforms to achieve positive outcomes?

In Trump's America, Celebrity Political Advocacy Might Be Just What We Need

Celebrities have a platform, and regardless of whether or not they’re affected by the decisions of the country’s legislators, they’re able to speak out.

Trump just told Russia secret info provided by Israel. Ignorance leads to some pretty heinous consequences. (Image Credit: Di Michael Vadon via WikiMedia Commons)

Welcome To The WTF Zone: Trump 'Accidentally' Tells Russia Espionage Intel

The information Trump shared with Russia was given to U.S. intelligence agencies by a partner entity, and that partner had NOT given the United States permission to spread it around — because doing so could compromise the investigation.