It might seem frivolous to those who feel right at home being called "mom" or "dad," but many queer parents agonize over what their children will call them.

Not All Parents Are "Mom" Or "Dad" 

While it might seem frivolous to those who feel right at home in the titles "mom" or "dad," many queer parents agonize over what they want their children to call them.

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Gender Isn’t Binary In The Animal World, Either

Gender isn’t binary with humans... we as humans need to remain aware that the traditional boy and girl labels are declining.

Fatness, femininity and hair! Photo credit: @virgietovar on Instagram

Take The Cake: Fatness, Femininity, And My Pink Bangs

One of the things I have done for myself in adulthood as part of my healing process is make a strong claim to fatness femininity.

So what does it mean to parent beyond gender?

Parenting Without Gender

Building a society without stereotypical gender confines must start from the ground up.

Script writers need to think past adjectives for “sexy” when creating female characters. Image: David Noah, CC BY-SA.

Sexist Screen Representations Of Women Start In The Script

The issue of poor female representation in movies has been examined from many angles, from the lack of women in positions in power to investors wary of female-led films. But do the problems start before the cameras begin to roll?

How female characters are described in screenplays is rudimentary compared with how male characters are described. In other words, representations of women are poor before they even make it to the screen.

He's a baby, not a "man."

Please Stop Calling My Child 'Little Man'

We’re trying to raise him with a lot of options and very few assumptions, but I won’t be mad at you if you call my kid “handsome little boy” or something. It’s fine. People have a hard time talking about babies without gendered labels. Even I have a hard time with it, and I’ve put a kind of ridiculous amount of energy into analyzing this stuff.

However, I do have one favor to ask. Please, for the love of everything that is good in this world, stop calling him “little man.”


How Dating Girls Changed My Perspective On My Own Femininity 

It was in my second year of college that a girl expressed sexual interest in me. It took me a month to realize that what I thought were hangouts were actually dates. It took me another month to realize I wanted them to be dates. As I realized I wanted her to like me, I slipped back into my old routine — my makeup got more advanced and my hair was always straightened. I still thought that to be attractive, I had to be as feminine as possible. I’d been a hardcore ally for a decade at that point, but had no idea about the politics of beauty within the queer community; I thought I was stepping back into my old role.

There's nothing 'beta' about being awesome.

Some Thoughts For The Folks Who Call Us Beta Males

Welcome to the ultimate put-down in the wild world of men’s dialogues on the inter webs.