gender relations

The Female Man And Its Disdain For Femininity

Feminist dystopia at its finest. Joanna Russ imagines a world in which the elimination of gender hierarchy leads to freedom, strength, and power. Read...
Noah Berlatsky    |   04.9.15   |   SHARE

If I Ever Want To Get Married, I'll Do The Proposing

Equality is four-syllables forever tripping off our tongue and yet when it comes to marriage proposals we're all clamoring for the knee-drop. Read...
Katie Tandy   |   02.5.15   |   SHARE

"Hey Guys": Let's Talk About Male-Default Language

It is obvious once you begin to look that the male default can be found everywhere. Read...
Ariel Chesler    |   01.21.15   |   SHARE

Nerd Masculinity: "They Won't Give It Up Without A Fight"

Angry male nerds have built careers, epic narratives, a whole identity on being victims. Read...
Arthur Chu    |   01.7.15   |   SHARE
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The Problem With Being “Guy Funny”

When compliments are kind of . . . sexist disses. Read...
Kelley Calkins   |   01.2.15   |   SHARE

What I Learned From Talking Back To Men

Harnessing the courage within myself—courage I didn’t even know I had—to coolly, calmly call this guy out has made me a better human being. Read...
Jody Amable    |   12.29.14   |   SHARE
Don't worry your pretty head Barbie, those numbers and codes aren't for you.

Barbie's New "I Can Be A Computer Engineer" Book Is The Most Sexist Bullshit Yet

The latest transgression of Mattel’s signature doll is pretty egregious. Read...
Camira Powell    |   11.20.14   |   SHARE

The Gender Wage Gap: It's About Age

The age-based pattern has remained fixed: around age 35, each generation of women has watched their male peers outstrip them in pay and promotion. Read...